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We recognize that each individual is at an individual position in his spiritual development.

And, for each individual, the need for development is very dependent on life situations.

We offer different types of groups, hoping that for anyone, at any life situation,

there is an opportunity to grow.


Our Community Groups are freely structured around study and fellowship. Some groups, such as our bowling team, are purely for fun and fellowship. We have regular Bible Studies which dig deeply into the meaning of Scripture. A special type of Community Group is our Neighborhood Group. Everyone is a member of some Neighborhood, and those groups meet a few times through the year to communicate what's going on in the church, to get updates on each individual's life stage, and to ensure that if there are special needs for support through the storms of life, weather and relational, we will know how to help.


Our Growth Groups are intended to help members learn more about our relationship with Jesus and with His Church.  They also help members to experience a transformed life as they integrate spiritual practices into their every day lives.  These studies include in-depth study of the Bible, and video-based series presented by well-known Christian leaders.


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